About AFM Sports Limited  
  AFM Sports Limited is a UK based retailer of Mikasa Korfballs, Korfball baskets and Korfball equipment that has been serving the sport of Korfball for over 13 years during which time we have supplied a range of orders not only throughout the Korfball community in the UK but also to customers around the world.

Run by former England National Junior Squad coach and founder of the Korfball School of Excellence programme Steve Barker, AFM Sports is possibly the only company in the world that is solely Korfball focused and as such understands the needs of those in the Korfball community and the challenges and difficulties they often face.

Since its formation in 1998 AFM Sports has built an  reputation for value for money, quality and customer service and we have strived to keep prices of Korfball products affordable and thereby play a role in the development and growth of the sport.

Our customers include Clubs, Schools, Colleges and Universities around the UK, clubs and governing bodies worldwide and a great number of individual Korfballers both in the UK and abroad.

We have also assisted UK governing bodies in respect of large orders funded by grants and such orders can sometimes prove stressful, time consuming and costly when dealing with the wrong supplier, as a UK governing body found out in recent years when it choose a Netherlands based distributor to supply a large order, subsequently needing AFM Sports to come in and help sort out the mess.

Unlike such big businesses for whom Korfball is a small part of what they do, AFM Sports is a small customer focused business that is focused solely on the Korfball market.

Our efforts over the years have ensured that the prices of Mikasa Korfballs have remained stable for a number of years, despite the efforts of some larger enterprises, and the price of a K5 Korfball is still some 10 cheaper than it was in the UK before AFM Sports was established.

The recent weakness of the Pound against the Euro combined with manufacturer price rises have left us with no choice but to raise our prices of many items, and we have now moved to manufacturing our new galvanized 4 piece Korfball training poles in the UK to avoid further price increases in the future.

Fortunately exchange rate fluctuations have not affected our Mikasa Korfball prices as these are sourced directly into the UK from Japan.  Our competitive prices remain amongst the best in Europe, and unlike the big Dutch suppliers, we offer a range of payment options in Pounds. Euros and US Dollars, which is probably why more and more Korfballers from around the world are turning to AFM Sports for their Korfball needs.

Our Korfballshop.com service allows customers in the UK, EU and USA to order Korfballs online and pay by debit or credit card in all three currencies and customers and customers from outside of these regions can order and pay Mikasa korfballs by the same method via a Paypal invoice which we send out on request.

We accept payment in cheques in pounds sterling and US dollars, by bank transfer in all three currencies and accept University, College, and School purchase orders in all three currencies.

We are able to ship Korfball equipment orders around the UK at cost effective prices and in recent years have supplied customers in Ireland, the USA, Greece and New Zealand.

AFM Sports continues to support Korfball around the world and in recent years has sponsored the English national squads, as well as the EKA County championships and a range of club and other events to that end.

Customers in the UK, EU and the USA can purchase Mikasa Korfballs online by credit or debit card in Pounds Sterling, Euros and US Dollars


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